About the works :

(For much more detailed explanations, Algorithmic worlds.)

These images are instances of algorithmic art. Algorithms are sets of rules (in this case, executed by a computer) which produce a result from a set of initial data. Instead of creating an artwork directly, the algorithmic artist creates an algorithm, which will produce the work. 

Most of the works on display here are constructed on the idea of "pattern piling". Rescaled copies of a simple pattern are merged together to produce elaborate patterns. Algorithms allow to draw pictures so complex that they would be impossible to imagine, let alone realize, by a bare human mind. I hope that this site will get the visitor interested in this too little known and fascinating way of making art.

In case you are a user of Ultra Fractal (the program used to create these arworks), I have written some public algorithms that you can download at the Ultra Fractal Formula Database (all the sam.* files). The helpfiles are available here to download and here to browse.

If you have questions, suggestions or comments, feel free to mail me.

Note about copyright : All these images are copyrighted, they are not in the public domain. You can download them only to use them in a strictly personal way. You are not authorized to put them on a website or display them publicly in any way. If you have a doubt, please mail me.