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Fractal/Algorithmic Links

Science Links

Fractal/Algorithmic Links

The official Ultra Fractal site

You'll find links to other galleries and tutorials at the Uf Resources Page.

The complete formula collection for Ultrafractal : The UF Formula Database

Fractal Contests

Fractal-Art'99 Contest

Fractal-Art 2000 Contest

Benoît Mandelbrot fractal art contest 2006

Benoît Mandelbrot fractal art contest 2007

I was part of the jury of the last two contests above.

Some Fractal/Algorithmic Galleries

Morgen Bell : Mr. Velocipede's fractal wanderings 
Fractal, A Mathematical Aesthetic

Paul DeCelle : The Ultra Fractal Art Collection

Damiens Jones : Fractalus

Peter K : The QMI Fractal Gallery

Daniel Kuzmenka : Fractal Art Galleries

Andreas Lober : The Joy of Frax

Mint : Mint's Fractals

Kerry Mitchell

Tina Oyolede : Aartika!

Janet Preslar : Fractivity

Mark Townsend : Fractal Dimentia

Science Links

The top math internet reference is back online !
There is now also physics, astronomy and chemistery sections

HyperSpace Polytope Slicer
Nice polyhedrons here.

Display quasiperiodic tilings, including the famous Penrose Tilings

The National Space Science Data Center