What is it ? :

This transform draws voroni diagrams (tilings). A set of point is randomly chosen on the plane and a given point belong to the tile of the nearest point of the chosen set. It produce a kind of random mosaic.

The Parameters :

Mode :
- Mapping : The underlaying image is mapped on each tile.
- Mosaic : The whole tile is assigned the color of the center point. It allow to produce mosaic effects.

Frame : Different kind of frame are available.

Regularize Tiling : With this option enabled, the points aren't chosen totally randomly. It avoid to have to point too close to each other.

Regularizing Parameter : This parameter controls the amount of randomness when chosing the points. For very high values, you'll get a square tiling.

Mapping Centeer/Rotation/Magnification : To determine the part of the underlying image that will be mapped on the tiles.

Mask : Allow you to set some tiles to solid.

Polygon Order : The number of side of the polygon used as mask.

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Voroni Coloring

What is it ? :

This is a coloring based on the Voroni aglorithm.

The Parameters :

Distance Count : The way the distance used in the coloring is computed. Mosaic just provide randomly colored tiles.

Offset : When a positive value is entered, the index may be assigned a negative value for some points, providing blank regions.

Thickness : The distance is raised to this power, modifying the thickness look of the pattern,

Regularize Tiling ?/Regularizing Parameter : See Voroni.

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