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Fractal/Algorithmic Links

The official Ultra Fractal site

You'll find links to other galleries and tutorials at the Uf Resources Page.

The complete formula collection for Ultrafractal : The UF Formula Database

Fractal Contests

Fractal-Art'99 Contest

Fractal-Art 2000 Contest

Benoît Mandelbrot fractal art contest 2006

Benoît Mandelbrot fractal art contest 2007

I was part of the jury of the last two contests above.

Some Fractal/Algorithmic Galleries

Morgen Bell : Mr. Velocipede's fractal wanderings 
Fractal, A Mathematical Aesthetic

Paul DeCelle : The Ultra Fractal Art Collection

Damiens Jones : Fractalus

Peter K : The QMI Fractal Gallery

Daniel Kuzmenka : Fractal Art Galleries

Andreas Lober : The Joy of Frax

Mint : Mint's Fractals

Kerry Mitchell

Tina Oyolede : Aartika!

Janet Preslar : Fractivity

Mark Townsend : Fractal Dimentia

Science Links

The top math internet reference is back online !
There is now also physics, astronomy and chemistery sections

HyperSpace Polytope Slicer
Nice polyhedrons here.

Display quasiperiodic tilings, including the famous Penrose Tilings

The National Space Science Data Center


Atheist and Skeptic Links

The Skeptic Dictionnary
The point about astrology, alternative "medicine", ETs, ...

Les sceptiques du Québec
A very good skeptic site, only in French unfortunately.

I know these links can hurt believers, though this is really not their purpose. Their purpose is rather to invite the christian or muslim visitors to ask themselves questions about what they claim to believe in, and maybe also to incite them to have a more objective reading of their holy text. It is fortunate that most believers interpret their holy text in a more or less humanist way, but when they forget to interpret, it's usually a disaster.
So please do not take these links as an attack against all believers, but rather as a warning. The Bible and the Koran are not the friendly and humanist moral guides they are usually presented as.

The Skeptic's Annotated Bible  - Koran - Book of Mormon

Personnal Links

The Hunger Site
The Rainforest Site
The Child Health Site
The Breast Cancer Site
These site allow you to make donations that are paid by sponsors. Please visit them every day.

La Tour-de-Peilz
The official site of my town.

The University of Lausanne
The university where I did my undergraduate studies.

The University of Geneva - Section de Mathématiques.
The university where did my Ph.D.
My piano teacher's site (I made it... :-) )

Website of Barbora Gulejova, CRPP-EPFL
A really good friend's site.

CTT Vevey
My table tennis club

Funny Sites :

The Silicon Zoo

"New Satire for the New Economy"

A great hardware maintenance resource.

Flame Warriors
You'll certainly recognize someone here...

Murphy's Laws
An extensive reference on Murphy's laws

Peter Pan's Homepage
Yes, that's Peter Pan Himself.

The Illustrated Guide To Breaking Your Computer

Ties by Infectious Awareables

Tomatopic Organization in the Soprano
A parody of scientific articles.

Soda Constructor
Build your walking creature...

The Death Clock

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An art site listing
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  100 Links Page

++ arsnet is an idea, an utopia, a whispered shout, a shouted secret, a feeling described with letters, a spoken colour, a smile given away ++

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FREE Art Searching database

aRT wEB Community


Fine Art Database

Sunqueen Art, Inc. Fine Art Gallery
Original fine art artwork & prints by Inga Vereshchagina, re-known Russian fine artist. See paintings, graphics,  drawings , abstract art, erotic, fantasy art and murals. Inga excels in a diversity of mediums and styles.