Thin Orbit Traps

What is it ? :

This coloring works exactly like a standard orbit trap coloring. The only difference is that the distance to the trap is computed differently, so that the shapes displayed have a thin and elegant look.

The Parameters :

Mode : "Sum" sums the distance to the trap at each iteration. "Closest" only use the smallest value.

Shape : Choose the shape of the trap.

Shape Parameter 1/2 : Two parameters that will twist the shape. They may have no effect on some shapes.

Center/Rotation/Size : The center/rotation/size of the trap.

Ratio Width/Heigh : To sqeeze/stretch the trap

Adjust Normalization/Power Factor : Two parameters that will modify the color density. You may want to change this if you zoom.

Main Power : To give a thin aspect, the distance to the trap is raised to a small power (0.01 by default). The smaller it is, the thinner will be the traps, but the lower the color density will be.

Decay Power : The points far from the trap center are more attenuated is this parameter is bigger. Useful if the trap is a spiral (increase it).

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