Polygon Traps

What is it ? :

This coloring is an orbit trap using regular polygons as traps. 

The Parameters :

Mode :
- Filled : The whole polygon traps orbits.
- Frame : Only a frame outside it traps.

Polygon Order : The number of side of the regular polygon.

Center/Rotation/Size : To move, rotate and magnify the trap.

Ratio Width/Heigh : To stretch or sqeeze the trap.

Width : This is the width of the frame in the "Frame" mode.

First Trapped Iteration : The points aren't trapped before this iteration. The result on the screen is that the biggest shapes are removed.

Power : To modify the way the interior of the trap is colored.

N.B. : The traps are of finite extent and the points that aren't bailed out are set to solid color. This provide a mask feature. To get a "standard" orbit trap without solid color, just increase the size of the polygons.

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