Polygon Spiral

What is it ? :

This transform draw a spiral of arbitrary regular polygons. The polygon are rotated of a definite angle at each iteration and are sized such as the vertices of each lie on the sides of the previous one (ie they are in a way "tangent" to each other).

The Parameters :

Mode :
- Mapping : This is an old mode kept for backward compatibility, try avoiding using it...
- Color : This mode color periodically each polygon with a color. You can specify the number of colors with the "Color number" parameter. The colors displayed are those occuring at the points (k/[Color number], k integer and smaller than [Color numner]) of the real axe. This means you have better use this mode with the "Gradient" coloring and a neutral formula, such as "pixel".
- Mapping (corrected) : This mode maps the underlying image on each polygon. It corrects a little bug that occured in the "Mapping" mode when using the Mapping Center/Rotation/Magnification parameters.

Order : The number of side of the regular polygon.

Angle step : The angle the polygon will be rotated at each iteration.

Mapping Center/Rotation/Magnification : To specify which part of the underlying image will be mappped on the polygons.

Color Number : The number of colors used in the "Color" mode (see above).

Outside : How the outside of the first polygon will look like. "Standard" diplay the underlying image and "Solid" assign solid color to outside points. "Old" is kept for backward compatibility.

Examples :


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