Central Tesselations

What is it ? :

This transform produce an interesting non periodic tesselation of the plane. Triangles are arranged around a point, giving a kind of  circular pattern. It can also display quite puzzling spiral tesselations.

Parameters :

Mode : Choose which tiles are visible.

Symetry Order (/2) : 
Gives the number of triangle round the center. Since spiral tesselation doesn't work with odd order, the order you enter is doubled. Putting 6 will give rise to a 12-fold symetric pattern.

Top/Bottom part shift : Allow you to shift the top and the bottom part of the tesselation, producing a spiral tesselation.

Mapping Center/Rotation/Magnification : Which region of the underlying fractal will be mapped on the tiles.

Stabilize ? : When enabled, the image mapped on the tile has always the same orientation, regardless the tile's orientation.

Point 1/.../10 : Allow you to modify the base tile (triangle). These parameters works as in Octogon Limit. Set the real part between 0 and 1 and the imaginary part between -0.2 and 0.2. If you see strange things, reduce the imaginary part.

Examples :


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