Copyright 2008 S.Monnier

Maybe it is not the most eyecatching image at first sight, but I'd like to explain why I find it interesting.

For some time my goal has been to make images which are "fractal", "fractal" being understood in the strong sense that the image should display everywhere interesting patterns at every scale. Ideally, for a 1 square meter print, one should be able to look at it from 3 meters or from 10 centimeter and still have something interesting to see, no matter where one is looking.

I think this image is one of my most sucessful attempt. It is entirely built on the pattern which is most easily seen in the bottom left corner of the image. This pattern looks like a regular piling of cubes, with some "stairs" at some places, made by rows of two cubes.

You might think that the top part of the image is a bit strange, with this chaotic pattern of dark and light small diamonds. But try to look at this part from far (or maybe by blurring a little bit your vision, or maybe look at the thumbnail...), you should see the same pattern of cubes and stairs, four times bigger than the one you spotted in the lower left corner. There are two stairs descending to the left and one to the right.

Now when looking at the image really close, again, this pattern appears at various places, but it's not possible to see it at this resolution. Below are zooms on some parts of the image.

Near the top left corner :

Near the top right corner :

Near the bottom left corner :

Near the bottom right corner :